About Product

In recent years, a crisis of confidence has been brewing in the world, that is, inflation is shaking the economy, investors are looking for assets with the least risk, economists are afraid for the stability of individual currencies. An increasing number of states are increasing the share of physical gold in gold and foreign exchange reserves. The same mistrust also arises in business, customers do not believe in advertising in particular and the entire media industry as a whole. The real estate price is growing. There are fears of the coming global crisis. Against the backdrop of all these phenomena, there observed a strengthening trust in new technologies such as BlockChain, DAG and other ones, that have a number of advantages, namely speed, reliability and the inability to centrally change the information, in addition, they reduce transaction costs and increase trust.

  • PolarStern Capital has created a product that would satisfy investors in the current economic situation. PolarSternCoin (PSC) is an investment tool that relies on the basic principles of sustainability and includes investments in promising areas and technologies that will bring significant capital gains to investors in the future.
  • The product is designed for both ordinary investors and institutional. In addition, all transactions are fixed to BlockChain Etherium and transparent to investors. Audit of activities will ensure confidence in compliance with the investment declaration.
  • Our team is convinced that future belongs to cryptographic technologies. These technologies will enter into all spheres of our life, as they provide reliability, reduce costs and move from centralized services to decentralized ones. Most likely, new decentralized applications will come to substitute such services as E-bay, Google, Booking, etc. and we are awaiting the explosive growth of DApps, which will ensure colossal profits for depositors of our fund.

Portfolio Structure

At the heart of the investment portfolio behind PSC is primarily physical precious metals, this is the foundation of investment and ensures the stability of the portfolio in all situations. Moreover, an important element is investment in promising projects in real estate, which provides an element that counteracts inflation in financial markets. The driver of portfolio growth is a significant share of investment projects in the field of the crypto industry and the crypto mining. The most important element is also investments in projects at their early stages, the so-called venture investments. This allows getting additional preferences in price and the greatest investment opportunities for capital increase.

Portfolio building

  • The share of precious metals in the portfolio is 30-40% and includes not only gold, but also other metals, such as silver and platinum.
  • In case of unsuccessful market conditions, the Company can invest considerable funds in perspective real estate objects, and the share of such investments can reach 20%.
  • The portfolio of projects in the field of BlockChain and other decentralized technologies can include a share of up to 60%, including mining sector that contains 20% of cryptocurrencies held on the Company wallets for the purpose of mining using the PoS algorithm and the like. More risky investments in ICO crypto projects are limited to 10%.
  • The Company pays attention to the issue of liquidity. Therefore, a significant share of capital up to 10% will be retained in deposits with banks in order to be able to respond quickly to customers’ requests for withdrawal of funds, as well as to be able to respond quickly to emerging market situations that can bring significant profits in the short term.

Investment strategy

The portfolio management strategy is based on strict compliance with the investment declaration. It means that the portfolio is balanced by the main sectors on a daily basis, and the shares in individual assets are monitored and, if necessary, adjusted, according to the signals and evaluations of the analytical systems.

The portfolio manager of the fund will track not only the optimal structure of the entire fund, but the assets will be selected from the optimal ratio of yield and risk within each of the sectors. Each direction in cryptoeconomics will be carefully analysed on several parameters to determine the leaders of technologies. Each individual asset will be weighed and the main priorities are capitalization and liquidity.

Several promising projects will be selected for the mining of cryptocurrencies, which will not only yield a stable investment return on a regular basis, but also in the long term the investment itself will allow a multiple increase in capital.

In cases of a prolonged falling trend in the market, the fund plans to invest part of the funds in the real estate sector. This will avoid a decline in the value of the portfolio and will ensure asset growth and diversification.

A good portfolio is more than a long list of good stocks and bonds. It is a balanced whole, providing the investor with protections and opportunities with respect to a wide range of contingencies.
Harry Markowitz


Technical analysis

Management of the most risky part of the fund is based on the following postulate: "The market knows everything". Thus, everything that happens behind the scenes of the public part of the projects is not available for analysis and only the movement of the exchange rate on the stock exchange gives us the knowledge that insiders (traders, who own the information) have already started their investments or withdraw from the assets. In this difficult task we will be helped by the exclusive proprietary terminal COINTRADER.

Analysts and traders of the fund will monitor the market 24 hours a day and actively use timing and asset selection based on technical analysis of the movement of the rates.

Analytical terminal

We rely on the exclusive analytical platform COINTRADER, which is the own development of the team members. The platform allows monitoring the market in 3 horizons, and the built-in GUTM indicator and its derivatives allow making accurate technical analysis. This analysis allows determining the entry point into assets and the horizons of their retention. GUTM indicator is based on the theory of psychological influence of the exchange information on behaviour of traders and struggle of their feelings from hope to fear. Innovative technologies of mathematical analysis allowed implementing a signal system that warns in advance about the events on the exchange markets. The mathematical model is calculated on the basis of the fractal analysis of the second-order regression lines in three horizons. The methods are borrowed from systems for processing noisy signals in radio electronics.

Venture investments

The history of the existence of crypto market has shown that some serious projects, that bring revolutionary changes to the economy can bring thousands percent of profits to investors. However, the experience of our team shows that 85% of projects at the development stage will not be implemented due to weakness of the team or competition in the market. Our analytical department will undertake the task of monitoring, collecting and analysing all new projects. Our primary scoring will allow us to sort out deliberately failed projects, and a deeper analysis of the technical part of the projects and the methodology for its monetization will reveal the leaders. This will allow us to select pearls in the world of crypto market and enter at an early stage of investment, receiving additional discounts and bonuses as a large institutional investor, which is not available to an ordinary investor.


Legal field

We are the only Company that works with the cryptocurrency officially and has permission to conduct an investment activity in the whole territory of the European Union. Our activities are legitimate and are in the legal field.

Independent evaluation

We conduct regular audits to verify our operations and confirm assets. An independent evaluation shows the real value of the Company's assets and confirms the fulfilment of the promises given to customers.

Full transparency

Transactions conducted by our traders are recorded in BlockChain, and the transaction history is available for the user. We achieve full transparency before the client.

Analytical system

We use our proprietary analytical system COINTRADER, which has established itself in various exchange markets for many years. Innovative technology for calculating a mathematical model is based on techniques for processing noisy signals in radio electronics.

10 years of experience

Portfolio managers, analysts and traders have extensive experience in the stock and financial markets, which allows them to successfully diversify the portfolio and achieve significant returns.

24-hour monitoring

Our team of analysts and traders is monitoring the portfolio and its assets 24 hours a day. We are ready to react to changes and fluctuations in the market at any time to save capital from a drawdown or to take an advantage of the opportunity to multiply it for a short time.

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