Polarstern Capital is а new investment platform of the Polarstern Group. More than 10 years of successful work in the investment market have proved the competence of managers and helped the Company's clients save and increase their capital.

Possessing huge experience, the Company created an innovative product based on investments in crypto assets and precious metals. The potential of innovative crypto economy will provide a reliable and transparent way of investing.

Investment strategy

The team of managers and analysts of Polarstern Capital diversifies its investments in various crypto projects and precious metals to ensure a reliable and sustainable growth of the portfolio.

Precious metals
A significant share (up to 40%) of the investments is stored in gold and other precious metals. This ensures the stability of the investment at times of high price fluctuations of other assets.
Bank deposits
The required asset (up to 10%), providing liquidity of the Company, that allows to respond to the situation on the market immediately, as well as ensure a rapid return of customers’ investments.
Crypto investments
The management team analyzes the crypto-currency market during 24 hours a day and forms a balanced and diversified portfolio of assets. The analytical terminal gives clear signals about the impending trend change, which allows to exit from assets for which the price is expected to fall.
ICO investments
Analysts study thousands of new projects appearing on the market and select the best and most promising ones by 50 criteria. Significant funds of the Company allow entering the project at the earliest stage and getting significant preferences in price.

Portfolio managers, analysts and traders of the Company have a decade of experience in the stock and investment markets, which allows worming a stable and diversified portfolio bringing a stable profit.

Legal field
We are the only Company that legally works with crypto currency and precious metals and has a permit for investment activity in the territory of the European Union.
Analytical system
Our Company uses its own innovative analytical terminal Cointrader, which has established itself over many years of use in various markets. The system of indication is based on the fractal analysis of the derived regression lines.
Independent evaluation
Our Company regularly performs audits of investment activities and portfolio value. This allows ensuring transparency of investments and confirms the fulfillment of the declared investment strategies.
How to become an
Become a member of Polarstern Capital and take advantage of our investment platform.
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